Growth hacking tarkoittaa sitä, että etsitään sinun yrityksellesi sopivimmat kanavat, välineet ja viestit, joiden avulla yrityksesi voi kasvaa.

Amazon marketing (Ads & SEO)

What is Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer through which you can sell and buy a wide range of products. The online marketplace offers consumers the possibility to browse an enormous range of different products at competitive prices. Amazon is continuously growing and shaping the global retail market, with online stores already in countries, such as the US, Japan, India, Australia, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and soon even in Sweden. 

Growth with Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of opportunities for companies selling their own branded products, as it allows sellers to expand to new markets, reach new customers, and increase sales. Amazon’s Business marketplace also offers B2B companies new ways of expanding globally. Amazon’s platform also allows a fairly effortless and cost-effective way to start selling internationally, which is why many sellers utilise Amazon as a means to grow. 

Start selling on Amazon

Competition is fierce on Amazon, therefore simply placing a product up for sales will not guarantee results. Understanding Amazon’s highly complex algorithm, as well as continuous maintenance and optimization, are essential in order to succeed on Amazon. With our customized Amazon service package, we help you grow and succeed on Amazon. Genero’s Amazon service package includes the following elements:

  • Strategy development, which includes market research, competitor analysis, pricing and product strategy, and scanning shipping and warehouse options 
  • Amazon account set up and listing products 
  • Keyword analysis and search engine optimisation to lift the product to the top of first page results 
  • Launching and optimizing Amazon ads
  • Promotion with Amazon offers
  • Monitoring product listing and Buy Box performance
  • Continuous support and consultation

Want results? Contact us!

We at Genero focus on measurable digital marketing, which aims for growth and results. We measure, test and verify everything we do, and we do not settle for satisfactory results.

If you want to move on from traditional marketing and enter the world of results-driven growth marketing, we would be more than happy to help.