Christmas greeting for a crazy year

Genero crew

In many ways, the past year has been the most challenging and difficult time we have ever faced.

It all started strongly at the beginning of the year when we finally opened our office in Stockholm. Three weeks later, the ill-famed corona landed in the Nordics and almost all plans went haywire.

For a moment, the situation looked really bleak.

However, we could not simply stay put. We decided to survive by focusing on acquiring new customers and helping our existing ones in the unique situation. The work was rewarded, and by summer, the light was already visible at the end of the tunnel.

After everything, we are still here. Unlike many others, we did not have to resort to layoffs or pay cuts. Instead, we have been able to hire 12 new experts since March. We were not far off from reaching our pre-corona financial goals.

We are proud and grateful that we could help many of our customers get through the challenging times by developing digital channels and finding new growth amidst the crisis. Every job saved was worth the work it required.

What will Genero look like next year?

Hopefully everything will be calmer, safer, and healthier.

2021 will be a time of significant change for us. At the turn of the year, we will finally merge with the former A-lehdet content studio. The entire Genero Helsinki office will move to the new Kulosaari premises at the beginning of the year.

This change will mean even higher quality content as well as creative concepts for our customers. In the future, we will be one of the largest growth marketing agencies in the country, with Finland’s best photo studio in the basement.

Our Stockholm office has also grown rapidly and next year we will pack even more punch into the efforts. We have also set huge growth targets in Finland. They can only be achieved together with our customers.

Let’s make up for this year with next year’s growth leap! 

Our Christmas present

By the end of this year, we all need more hope. That is why we have made a donation on behalf of all our clients to Hope Rywhich promotes equal opportunity for all young people, regardless of their familial or financial background.

We want to thank all of our customers, the people we have met, our partners, and our friends for this challenging year.

See you next year at our new premises – as soon as it is possible and safe again. Happy New Year 2021!