Snellman – Productive Collaboration Since 2010

2600 %
increase in organic traffic
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The Finnish meat manufacturing company Snellman has a track record of more than 65 years in making high-quality meat products. From the customer’s point of view, meat manufacturing companies tend to appear very much alike. Consequently, one of Snellman’s challenges has been this: how to make the uniqueness of their processes and products known to consumers? Since people who have once tasted Snellman’s products are very likely to become regular buyers, getting new people to try their products is of key importance to improving the business of the company.

Our partnership started with a website overhaul in 2010 and thanks to good results has since then broadened to cover all digital marketing, from search engine optimization to launch campaigns and video production. Also, we have already updated once the structure and look of the Drupal website we built for Snellman as well as optimized it for mobile devices.

Our long and productive partnership with Snellman has also let us constantly challenge ourselves, learn and try new things, and improve our skills.

“Our partnership with Genero has been very productive. Everything that they do is guided by clear goals, the results are constantly measured and reported, and areas for improvement are recognized. This makes it easy for us to improve Snellman’s online presence.”
Tommi Fors, Marketing and Communications Director, Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy.



Supporting Product Launches And Marketing Efforts With Online Campaigns

Every year we plan and carry out several campaigns for Snellman, ranging from product launches to campaigns that promote product qualities and values that are important to Snellman. Together with Snellman, we set an individual goal for each campaign. Sometimes the message simply needs to reach as big an audience as possible; at other times, it is more sensible to engage customers or to collaborate with key influencers such as food bloggers.



Snellman has a team of experienced professionals responsible for their TV and print advertising. Our job is to create custom online campaigns that provide more information about the current marketing messages. Snellman has also decided to market some of its product launches only online since we have found cost-efficient ways to reach the relevant target groups.

Growth Hacking With Emphasis On Content

As there is a lot of competition in the food industry, maintaining online visibility requires constant work. Keeping in line with our growth hacking ideology, we make use of digital marketing tools and relevant, interesting content to focus on finding the most cost-efficient ways to improve Snellman’s Google visibility and to increase the number of site visitors.

We design and produce content for Snellman in text, image and video formats. The content may be used for search engine optimization or published either on the website or in social media. Recipes, blog posts and cooking tips are also available to consumers in the form of newsletters.

Snellman - Tuloksellista yhteistyötä jo vuodesta 2010 Snellman - Tuloksellista yhteistyötä jo vuodesta 2010 4

In addition to search engine and display advertising, we also do social media marketing in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We have been successful in creating Facebook content that is so relevant to the target audience that user engagement alone spreads it very well, with no help from paid adverts.


One of our main goals with Snellman has been to improve the brand’s online visibility and to provide customers more information about the company and its products. We have succeeded in this by turning the company’s website into a powerful, self-owned marketing channel. This has and continues to require persistency and among other things, monthly content production and optimization.

Since we started collaborating, organic traffic to Snellman’s website has increased by 2,600%. While the total number of site visitors in 2010 was 40,000, currently the site attracts more than 100,000 visitors every month.

The number of engaged customers is also significantly higher now, a good indication of which is the company newsletter. In 2010, there were 2,000 subscriptions; now there are more than 24,000 subscribers and what is more, the open and click rates are among the highest in the industry. Snellman has 53,00 followers and an active community in Facebook.

Several of our campaigns have gone to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers. The online launch for Ylikypsä pekoni, for example, had a direct impact on sales, while our campaign for Kunnon Lenkki won the title of Most Productive Online Campaign in Grand One, Finland’s largest and most prestigious digital marketing competition.

Snellman – Productive Collaboration Since 2010