How A New Strategy And Brand Update Made OK Perintä A Market Forerunner

115 %
increase in site visitors
18 %
organic traffic
15 %
increase in brand searches in Google


The collection company OK Perintä was in a situation where the company brand no longer corresponded to the company’s values and ways of doing things. Their brand update had to be supported by a new marketing strategy and a new communication concept since OK Perintä was no exception to suffering from the very negative, outdated notions that people continue to associate with the debt collection industry. The feeling of shame that receiving a collection letter causes is so strong in some people that they cannot even bear to be in contact with the collection agency. In addition to increased expenses, at its worst this may result in a debt spiral. On a larger scale, this also has societal impacts.

OK Perintä had received offers from a number of companies but ended up choosing Genero since we were able to present concrete suggestions for improvements regarding both their marketing and how to clarify their company strategy.

“We decided to go with Genero because we got the impression that rather than just talk about things, they actually go and do them.”
Kennet Kronman, founder, OK Perintä

Solutions To Strategic And Communication Issues

We began our partnership by renewing OK Perintä’s brand strategy. This in turn provided the basis for both the new visual identity of the brand as well as for the new communication concept that was designed to support the brand strategy. In laying out the new strategy we benefited from the expertise of a renowned strategist as our team was joined by Esa Jääskeläinen from Daigo Oy.

OK Perintä - growth marketing -strategialla alansa suunnannäyttäjäksi 1

We decided that OK Perintä’s genuine will to help debtor customers and offer them as individual and flexible solutions as possible would form the cornerstone of the renewed brand. By profiling OK Perintä as the collection company of the new era we were also able to incorporate their long-term goals of reforming the whole debt collection industry and lowering the threshold for indebted people to contact collection agencies as early as possible.

This viewpoint was also incorporated heavily into the company’s communications. The new, solution-focused and more humane debt collection process was given an emphasis on the OK Perintä website and on Facebook, where the company’s service advisors would write about their jobs using their own names.

A New Website And Implementation Of The Brand Strategy

In order to clarify the brand strategy, we also needed to update the OK Perintä website so that it would better communicate their values and ways of doing things. The Drupal-based website was divided into two sections so that both business clients and debtor customers would find the relevant content and online services quickly and easily. As OK Perintä serves their customers in three languages, the site also needed to have Finnish, Swedish and English versions.

The website update was accompanied by a new visual identity, with new colors and logos. The same customer-friendly color-scheme was also used, among other things, to brighten the collection letters, which have traditionally been very formal and colourless.

OK Perintä - growth marketing -strategialla alansa suunnannäyttäjäksi

Growth hacking means constant optimization

Making OK Perintä better known and increasing their sales were also among the objectives of the brand update. Achieving these goals requires constant work from us: search engine marketing, display advertising and Facebook advertising, among other things. To support their communications, we produce them references, both from their customer companies and debtor customers.

We also keep optimizing their website to increase its search engine visibility and help them acquire new clients through inbound marketing. For these ends, we regularly create search engine optimized content for their site and use the HubSpot marketing tool that we have integrated to the site.


The launch of the new site in January 2017 increased organic traffic by 10 % during the next six months and overall traffic by as much as 114 %. The visibility that OK Perintä has in Google with relevant keywords doubled and the number of brand searches grew by 15 %.

After the launch of the new brand and site, we have continued our successful partnership with OK Perintä, with our focus especially on making them more well known and on generating leads.

How A New Strategy And Brand Update Made OK Perintä A Market Forerunner