MUSH website: Making raw dog food accessible

MUSH has a long relationship with Genero. Over a span of ten years, they have grown from a small local dog food manufacturer into a renowned brand that has a leading position in the Nordics. Many bigger companies could learn a thing or two from how the MUSH team builds relationships with their customers, both in the social media and face to face. During 2017 we built MUSH a new website and changed its platform from Drupal 7 to WordPress.

MUSH needed to renew their website to be lighter and more manageable than the previously more enterprise-like Drupal site. But with all the same functionality of course.

Furthermore, the site needed a different look and feel for dog- and cat-people, and a way of making the big product line visible while still keeping it easy to navigate for finding the most suitable food for your pet as fast as possible.

This, without losing any visibility in search, and migrating all the enormous amounts of user-generated content and categorization from the old site and building a structure for the new content.

Making raw dog food accessible

Sounds like a fun challenge, right?

Well, that’s what we thought as well, and started planning the site together with MUSH staff.

We used WordPress for content management, since that’s the most easy-to-use and straightforward and understandable web -backend on the market today, and also known by the people that is administering the site.

We built the product line using Woocommerce, the best and most widely used webshop plugin for WordPress. Though we only used it for the listing, categorization, managing, and filtering of the products, you still buy the products at one of the many resellers. The resellers which are listed on the site, with a geolocation function to find the one nearest to you quickly. Test it out here!

Notable custom made stuff (Read: Things that took time to get right)
The mega menu under koiranruoka and kissanruoka menu items, from which you can access your favorite pet food without any extra page loads. It is fast. Try that one out!

Well, and since we are in Finland, the site is multilingual. 4 languages now, but with more to come.

The juiciest tech parts of the website:

  • Woocommerce
  • Custom Post Types & Advanced Custom Fields
  • Advanced Caching & Speed Optimisation
  • Keeping SEO strength after site migration with lots of user generated content.

Besides using Woocommerce the site includes several custom post types using advanced custom fields. The site has advanced caching and speed optimisation. Migrating from the old site posed a challenge that most site renewals omit, and that is maintaining SEO strength after a site remake. We took care to maintain the seo strength gained from content, blog posts and user contributed stories.


Making raw dog food accessible 1

Do you need a custom-made high-end WordPress site? A site that many years ago would have required an enterprise-CMS, but that we can make manageable and enjoyable in the world’s most used website platform, WordPress? Contact Sebastian or Jonathan today, and we’ll get you sorted!