Mr. Panini – Using Social Media To Launch A Vegan Panini


Mr. Panini is Finnish panini-making company that is based in Ulvila and is part of the Snellman group. Their paninis are hand-made from fresh high-quality ingredients and are sold at service stations, kiosks and grocery stores. Mr. Panini prefers to use domestic ingredients whenever possible. That is why they only use Finnish meat and the bread in their paninis comes from a bakery near their factory.

The partnership between Mr. Panini and Genero began with a brand update in 2013. In addition to diverse digital marketing, the collaboration has seen Genero do a lot of package and sales booth designing for Mr. Panini.

“It was very important to us that the launch of the vegan panini would be a success. Genero implemented the launch cost-efficiently and in a manner that appealed to the target audience. News about the vegan panini spread quickly in social media and the new product was made efficiently known to consumers and especially to vegans. Its sales have now even exceeded our expectations. What is more, Genero was able to leave a sizeable portion of the allocated budget untouched.”

– Tommy Snellman, CEO, Mr. Panini

The challenge

Mr. Panini had listened closely to their customers and decided to launch a new, wholly vegan panini. They already had a vegetarian mozzarella panini. A broad bean patty rich in protein was chosen as the filling of the new vegan panini.

The launch of the new product was assigned to Genero. The goal was to cost-efficiently reach as many people as possible and to get consumers to taste the new product.

Mr. Panini – Vegaanisen paninin lanseeraus somessa 3



Genero chose to launch the new panini with a social media campaign. The channels used were the ones already used by Mr. Panini, namely Facebook and Instagram. The campaign included posts, ads and competitions, which we have found to yield good results with the target audience.

Genero also collaborated with bloggers and vloggers. Our aim was to get influencers to spread the message about the new panini to interested target groups.

Meanwhile, representatives of Mr. Panini promoted the new panini by serving free tastings in grocery stories all over Finland. These events were promoted in social media.

Mr. Panini – Vegaanisen paninin lanseeraus somessa



The launch of the vegan panini turned out to be a success, with vegan consumers in particular expressing a lot of interest in the new panini. Genero’s social media campaign reached over half a million people and did not even come close to spending all of the allocated media budget.

We were very successful in engaging consumers, with the engagement rate of the campaing being as high as 6 %. Interesting content was shared actively, which resulted in good organic (free) visibility. The collaboration with bloggers and vloggers broadened the visibility further. Ten bloggers wrote blog posts and two vloggers recorded video posts about the new panini. Spontaneous posts about the vegan panini also appeared in various Facebook groups.

The launch campaign made the demand for the vegan panini rise quickly and in the beginning there were even some minor availability issues. Since then, the new product has been introduced into wider distribution and has become an established part of Mr. Panini’s product range.

Mr. Panini – Using Social Media To Launch A Vegan Panini 1