MB-Mobile – New leads generating webpage

187 %
More visitors
100 %
Organic traffic growth
1000 %
Leads from website

A platform for car sales, own media and marketing

MB-Mobile is a car dealer in Kokkola that sells new and used cars and provides brand service for cars. Similarly to many other car dealers in Finland they used a web platform that shows the cars you have in stock. The problem was its age and lack of customizability, the old site provided no possibility to share or get visibility in Google for vaihtoautot or car brands. The customer needed a fresh looking site where you could market both new cars and sell used ones, and optimize marketing for getting leads. To remedy this we first started to build a blogging platform built in WordPress where new car models can be featured and their services promoted. Basically everything marketingwise except the car inventory. For some time the old site existed in parallel with the blog.

We then created a feature in WordPress that imports the cars directly from the clients inventory-system and creates custom car-posts in wordpress containing all the data needed to build a great car-search portal.

We built search filters where users can find the car they need based on its features, body-type, make, price range, mileage etc.

The new complete site contains both information and marketing material for new cars as well as the possibility to find high quality used cars.



Call to actions and conversion optimisation is implemented throughout the site and facebook ads can be automatically generated from the newly created car-posts if they fit certain user-defined criteria.

After the launch of the site the client has seen a significant increase in visitors and amount of leads generated through the website.

Results 2017 vs 2016

Amount of visitors is up 187 %, and organic traffic from Google alone has doubled. Because of creating a lot of new ways to convert (become a lead) and better measuring, the direct leads from the website went up over 1000 %.

Technical stuff:

  • Site and plugins provisioned with capistrano, composer, yarn and webpack to get newest updates fresh installed to the server on each deploy in one command.
  • Theme built with Timber/SASS.
  • ACF, Custom post types, scheduled imports, dynamic filtering of cars, a live chat that triggers when customers browse a certain car for a certain amount of time and connects directly with the sales people.

Do you need a custom-made high-end WordPress site? A site that many years ago would have required an enterprise-CMS, but that we can make manageable and enjoyable in the world’s most used website platform, WordPress? Contact Sebastian or Jonathan today, and we’ll get you sorted!