Helsinki: Towards the world’s most functional city of culture and leisure through measuring of data


What activities and events does Helsinki have on offer? To find a wide array of events and experiences, the residents of Helsinki can visit the online services of the culture and leisure division of the city of Helsinki. The services already had a seamless service path. The next step was to develop the measuring of data. The data was already there, so the goal was to improve the utilisation, interpretation and monitoring of that data. Other goals were to standardise the indicators and to introduce a common measurement model.

Helsinki: Kohti maailman toimivinta kulttuurin- ja vapaa-ajan kaupunkia – myös mittaamalla 1


Genero has been the marketing communication partner of the City of Helsinki since 2018. In autumn 2020, we were tasked with improving the measurement aspects of the online event service of the City of Helsinki, which had been created by the city’s culture and leisure division. is a real-time calendar where everyone can find something to do.

We piloted a measurement plan, a measurement manual for marketing and service providers, and a standardised measurement model. We facilitated the project with the client using a collaborative, participatory workshop model. The result was a measurement model that can be utilised by the division for similar services.

The project ensured that the city’s culture and leisure division can use measuring as a tool for knowledge management. Measurements can also be used in the future to support service design, development and marketing.

“Working with Genero has been a pleasant experience. Thanks to their impressive expertise, it is easy to trust their solutions. The starting point for everything was to listen to the client and learn about their needs and goals. In addition to the concrete results, we also gained valuable insights into the measurement process and its design principles.” – Mari Pietarila, City of Helsinki


Account Director – Anna Pasanen

Growth Hacker – Robin Strandberg

Lead Growth Hacker – Susanna Neiglick

Lead Growth Strategist – Markku Nykänen