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Advertising agency Helsinki – this is the SEO text that brought you here

Did you just google “advertising agency” or “advertising agency Helsinki”? If you did and ended up reading this, you have just witnessed an excellent example of successful search engine optimization. What you find on the first page of Google’s search results is not determined by chance. The one and only reason for the existence of the text you are currently reading is to make you and other people find us through Google.


Why does the subheading mention “advertising agency Helsinki” as well?

If a Helsinki-based advertising agency such as Genero wishes to rank on top of the first page of Google search results for “advertising agency Helsinki”, it needs to invest a little bit of time into something known as SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization).

First of all, search engine optimization involves some technical stuff – hence our bearded crew members (aka developers). However, that alone is not enough. You need to have content as well. The most visible aspect of search engine optimization is the SEO text. That is the bit of text that makes the person Google searching “advertising agency Helsinki” find our site. The SEO text lets Google know that the page contains a lot of content that is relevant to the keyword, which results in Google ranking the page higher in the search results. That is why “advertising agency Helsinki” is also mentioned in the subheading.


How can we help your company?

Now you are probably thinking “What about me? What about my company? I did not come here to read an advertising agency brag about how they got their site to rank high in the search results.” You are certainly in the right, so let us say no more about it. Well, maybe just one more time: advertising agency Helsinki. And now we can start to talk about your company. How can we help you? Perhaps you would like your company’s website to be more easily found in Google? Your company does have its own website, right? If you do not have a website, do not worry – we can build it for you. Although search engine optimization and website building are two of our most typical services to companies, our range is much broader than just that.

We offer our help to companies who want to use digital media cost-efficiently and profitably. We help challenger brands grow big and big brands remain nimble. We make use of all the tools and means that are needed to achieve the best possible results as cost-efficiently as possible. That is what we call growth marketing.


Genero is an advertising agency that cares about the results

We make it easy for you to choose the advertising agency for your company. The only thing you need to decide is this: which is more important to you and your company, faring well in ad contests, or faring well business-wise? Usually, the biggest and best-looking TV ad campaign is not the most effective one. However, it is very likely to be the most expensive one. Usually it is possible to achieve better results with a much smaller budget.

Truth be told, we find it a little hard to call ourselves an advertising agency. Advertising agencies create ads, whereas we are interested in finding all the means and channels that will work well with your company and produce true, measurable results while costing as little as possible. We especially make use of digital channels to help our clients grow and outperform their competitors. That is why we have decided to call ourselves the Growth Marketing Company.

The results we care about are the kind that can be measured: customer volumes, conversions, closed deals, sales – in a word, money. In our opinion, marketing has been successful when there is more money coming your way.

This text is now long enough (well over 300 words) for search engines to notice it. The keyword “advertising agency Helsinki” is found seven times in it (eight times now) and there are even more occurrences of “advertising agency”. See you on the first page of Google!